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Operation 10K Full Review by Desmond Ong

Operation 10K logo Review


                               Creators:  Desmond Ong and Matthew Neer

                                                Product:  Operation 10K

                                                Launch Date:  2016-03-21

                                                Launch Time:  8:00 a.m. (EST)

                                                Launching Price:  $19.00

                                                After Launch:  $47.00

                                                Niche: Info Product (Video Training)

                                             Sales Page: >>

What Is Operation 10K?

Operation 10K is Desmond Ong’s Done For You Business Template, which is a simple three step formula to help you make over $10,000 per month.

Step One:  Copy and Paste The Done For You Proven Strategies

Step Two:  Attraction: Attract Top Marketers To Do All The Work For You

Step Three:  Make Money:  Relax and enjoy watching the money fill your bank account.

On March 21, 2016 at 8:00 a.m., Operation 10K by Desmond Ong and Matthew Neer will be launched.


Who are Desmond Ong and Matthew Neer?

Desmond Ong is the author of the book, “Against All Odds,” along with being a Young Internet Marketing Entrepreneur, an International Speaker and an Internet Millionaire.  He has made over $20 million in online sales since 2005, and has made it his goal to help others make money online so they can reach their personal goals.

Operation 10K Matt and Desmond

Matthew Neer is a Networking Magnet, a Young Entrepreneur who has created his own Internet Marketing programs that have made him a lot of money.


How Does Operation 10K Work?

Operation 10K is a video training course whereby you will copy and paste Desmond’s proven formulas by creating campaigns.  He will instruct you to send a text or an email to successful marketers who will do the investing and most of the work for you. Desmond’s video course will take you from planting the seed to make money, to picking out a niche, how to treat your buyer’s emails, how to build your buyer’s list (emails), how to create a product, where and how to market your product, and how to create a sales page, etc.

Operation 10K 4 step system

Operation 10K - Earnings Shown


What is Inside the Member’s Area of Operation 10K?

The entire course consists of ten video modules.

  • One –“Planting The Seed For Income Domination,” – Obtaining the right mindset to make money online.
  • Two –“Understanding The System,” – How to obtain buyers emails for your business.
  • Three –“The Covert Money Blueprint,” – How to treat your buyer’s leads (emails).
  • Four –“Identifying Your Cash Machine,” – How to find your niche.
  • Five –“Value Creation,” – How to do product research.
  • Six –“Cash Cow Creation,” – What type of products to create.
  • Seven –“Making It Work,” – What to do to make your creation work.
  • Eight –“Money Magnet Asset Generation,” – The funnel – pages that you need in order to sell your products and build your buyer’s list and monetize that list.
  • Nine –“Tying Everything Together,” – Where to find your affiliate product to market.
  • Ten –“Leveraging Top Marketers,” – Looking over reviews for your affiliate products.


Bonuses Offer By Desmond Ong – Five Videos

  • The Magic Bullet (how to use a template)
  • Forbidden Traffic Methods (Free traffic methods that work)
    • The Leech Method
    • The Trojan Horse Traffic Method
    • The Spike Method
    • The Timeline Method

If you want these methods to work for you, you will have to take action.  If you follow Desmond Ong’s video instructions and implement his methods, you will be successful.

Desmond And Matt’s Bonuses:

Bonus No. 1 – Learn How To Make $10,000 Per Month Webinar by Desmond Ong ($497)

fast action bonus - Copy


Bonus No. 2 – Magic Bullet Video – How To Set Up A Template ($197)

Operation 10K Magic Bullet Video Bonus


Bonus #3 – Forbidden Traffic Methods (Free Traffic) ($297)

Operation 10K Forbidden Traffic Videos Bonuses


Bonus #4 – Funnel Templates [Sales Page template, Members Registration template, and Members Area template] ($297)

Operation 10K Funnel Templates Bonuses


Bonus #5 – Facebook Profits App ($197)


Fast Action Bonus - Profits App - Copy


Bonus #6 – Media Spark App ($197)


Operation 10K Media Spark App Bonus


Total = $1682 in Bonuses

Plus Our Exclusive Bonuses Worth ($497)

All For The Low Launch Price of $19.00


Get in on this great program here now along with high value bonuses. 

operation 10K review - Bonus 1
Viral Marketing Mania

Review Of Million Dollar Toolbox Review - Bonus - Viral Marketing Mania


operation 10k review bonus-2
How To Go Viral In The Marketing World

Review Of Million Dollar Toolbox - Bonus - How To Go Viral In the Marketing World

operation 10k review bonus-3
Hot Ideas For Viral Fanpages


Review Of Million Dollar Toolbox Bonus - Hot Ideas For Viral Fan Pages




operation 10k review bonus-4
Fifty Mobile Squeeze Pages



Review Of Million Dollar Toolbox Bonus - Fifty Mobile Squeeze Pages


Operation 10K Claim Bonuses Button



How To Claim Your Bonuses?

*Important Note:  All your BONUSES will be emailed to you after you purchase Operation 10K – just send an email to “,” and your bonuses will be sent to  you within 24 hours..


Operation 10K By Desmond Ong And Matthew Neer

Operation 10K Review

Desmond Ong and Matthew Neer are launching a brand new program called Operation 10K. You may have heard about these guys before.  Their personal brands and their products are always top quality.  If you have ever purchased any of their inventions then you know about their personal brand, and the ingenuity and the creativity that they put into their products.

Matt and Desmond

Operation 10K By Matthew Neer And Desmond Ong

Operation 10k will be launched on the 21st of March 2016.  And the front end price point will be 19$ for this video training program.  There are $1684 in bonuses included with this package.  You will find detailed information on these bonuses in the complete review post.

Honestly this is an AWESOME product and system.  It will show you a Brilliant, Most Compelling Way to Productively Advance Your Income Online and Your Online Brand.

You will learn how this program can bring you undeniable remunerations and a magnitude of rewards that can lead to your financial success.  All you will need to do is take the course and follow the step-by-step instructions given to you.

If you take these simple steps, you will find the success you have been looking for to make money online. You will receive a First-Rate bundle with the HIGH VALUE bonuses that will be offered.

Check out the complete review here!  Get Your Bonuses Here Now!!

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